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    Lendlease Online Property Sales - Lendlease (NSW). Lendlease Sales is an end-to-end, integrated online property-buying solution for 'off-the-plan' apartments, which will offer customers more value, less stress ... It uses simple hardware but achieves an

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    It uses simple hardware but achieves an average positioning error of less than 0.06 m, even when average user speed was 1.3 m/s, also accurately revealing user’ s

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    We introduce a battery-less, self-organising and interference-free solution for practical deployment of sensors to collect vital signs from the human body.

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    Bugwolf - Bugwolf Pty Ltd (VIC). What we do at Bugwolf is we enable clients to discover more software bugs in less time with fewer software testers.

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    Project Groceries - less time counting is more time cooking Hemedi Saidi, Jeremy Loh, Ben Childs - Norwood Morialta High School (SA).

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    This web application is a unique solution to a common problem: Granting control of a complex system to less technology-adept users.

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    State Winners & Merit Recipients (National Finalists)